Preparing for the unexpected

Sales of Survival Equipment and Accessories

We understand the importance of preparedness at sea and in demanding environments. Our accessories and survival equipment sales department offers a complete range of essential equipment. It is organized into sections to meet your specific safety needs at sea.

Signal Flares and Communication Equipment

We offer a variety of flares, distress lights and communication equipment to help you be spotted quickly in an emergency at sea. These devices are designed to attract the attention of rescuers and other vessels, contributing to a rapid response in a critical situation.


Safety hand-held and smoke lamps

Our hand-held lights and safety smoke generators are indispensable tools for illuminating your surroundings in the dark or in bad weather conditions. They also serve to signal your position to rescue teams, guaranteeing your visibility and safety.


Line Throwing and Rescue Equipment

Our range of rescue equipment includes line-throwing devices that enable you to throw rescue lines to other vessels or to the rescue services. These tools are crucial for establishing vital communication when needed, facilitating rescue and coordination at sea.


Man Over Board and Personal Survival Equipment

Our personal survival equipment, such as Man Over Board (MOB) and survival kits, are designed to help individuals in emergency situations. They include life jackets, survival blankets, first-aid kits and other essential devices to ensure personal survival in difficult conditions at sea.


Water Supply and Rations

The availability of drinking water and rations is crucial in the event of a prolonged emergency at sea. We supply water storage equipment and food rations to ensure that you have access to essential resources for an extended period.

Your safety at sea is our priority. To find out more about our accessories and survival equipment, or to discuss your specific safety at sea needs, contact our safety experts today. With SODIP SARL, be prepared to face the unexpected with confidence.