Your Frontline Protection

Study, Design, Installation of Fire Safety Systems

Fire safety is a top priority in any environment. Our comprehensive fire safety system planning, design and installation service is organized into sections to ensure that every aspect of your system is expertly handled.

In-depth study of your needs

We start with a complete study of your site, its specific features and its fire safety requirements. Our team of experts analyzes potential risks and vulnerabilities to design a system tailored to your requirements.

Custom design of fire safety systems

Based on our study, we design a tailor-made fire safety system. This includes the selection of appropriate equipment, layout of detectors, alarms, sprinkler systems and notification devices to ensure complete coverage.

Professional installation

Our highly qualified installation team installs all fire safety system components in compliance with current safety standards. We ensure that every element is installed precisely to ensure system reliability.

Tests Rigoureux et Mise en Service

Avant la mise en service, nous effectuons des tests rigoureux de chaque composant du système de sécurité incendie pour garantir son bon fonctionnement. Nous nous assurons que les détecteurs fonctionnent correctement, que les alarmes se déclenchent à temps et que les systèmes d’extinction automatique sont prêts à l’emploi.

Training and Awareness

We provide in-depth training for your staff so they understand how the fire safety system works and how to react in the event of a fire. Awareness is essential for effective emergency response.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support Services

We offer maintenance contracts to ensure the continued smooth operation of your fire safety system. Our support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have, and to intervene if necessary.

Fire safety is a serious responsibility, and we take it very seriously. To find out more about our fire safety system planning, design and installation services, contact our safety experts today. With SODIP SARL, be ready to face fire with confidence.