Your first look at safety

Visual Inspection

Visual inspection is an essential step in ensuring the safety of your equipment and facilities. Our visual inspection service is organized into sections to cover all aspects of this crucial first safety step.

Advanced Visual Inspection

We start with a thorough visual inspection of your equipment and installations. Our experts examine every component for signs of deterioration, damage or potential defects that could compromise safety.

Standards Compliance Inspection

We check that all your equipment and installations comply with current safety standards. We identify any non-conformities and make recommendations to correct them, to ensure your regulatory compliance.

Preventive Inspection and Early Maintenance

L’inspection visuelle préventive est essentielle pour anticiper les problèmes potentiels. Nous effectuons des inspections régulières pour détecter les signes précurseurs de défauts ou de détérioration, ce qui permet de planifier des opérations de maintenance anticipée.

Detailed Reports and Recommendations

All our visual inspections are documented in detailed reports. These reports include concrete information on the condition of your equipment and facilities, as well as recommendations for any necessary improvements.

Customized Visual Inspection

We tailor our visual inspection services to your specific needs. Whether you need a one-off inspection or regular inspection programs, we're here to meet your safety requirements.

Your safety starts with a good look. To find out more about our visual inspection services, or to discuss your specific safety requirements, contact our safety experts today. With SODIP SARL, rest assured that your safety is our top priority.