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Your Safety at Sea Priority

Our commitment to safety at sea doesn't stop at supplying high-quality survival equipment. We also offer professional inspection and maintenance services to ensure the reliability of your boats and liferafts. This service is organized in sections to ensure that every aspect of your survival equipment is taken into account.

Maintaining reliability at sea

Preventive Maintenance and Repairs

Regular preventive maintenance is essential to ensure that your boats and liferafts are ready for deployment in an emergency. We carry out maintenance operations such as cleaning, lubrication, replacement of defective parts and performance tests to maintain the integrity of your equipment.

Accurate diagnosis for unequalled safety

Inspection Complète et Vérification de la Conformité

We start with a thorough inspection of your boats and liferafts, in compliance with current maritime regulations. Our qualified team checks every component, from the hull to the life-saving equipment. We make sure everything complies with the strictest safety and quality standards.

Make sure you float safely

Tests d'Étanchéité et Flottabilité

We carry out rigorous watertightness and buoyancy tests to ensure that your boats and liferafts perform as expected in an emergency. Our tests ensure that this equipment can withstand the most extreme conditions at sea.

Our commitment to your safety at sea

Contactez Nos Experts en Sécurité en Mer

To find out more about our inspection and maintenance services for lifeboats and liferafts, or to discuss your specific safety at sea requirements, contact our safety experts today. With SODIP SARL, sail with confidence knowing that your survival equipment is in safe hands.