Lifting equipment and accessories

SODIP SARL inspects and certifies all lifting equipment in accordance with strict industry standards and codes of practice, international standards and regional regulatory requirements.

Our inspectors are qualified and competent to carry out in-depth, large-scale examinations on all types of lifting equipment. SODIP SARL offers fast, efficient solutions to meet our customers' needs. To complete the in-depth examination of equipment, we offer the most comprehensive NDT methods available that may be required when inspecting lifting equipment.

Safety at Height Guaranteed

Lifting equipment inspection

We provide a full range of inspection services for a variety of lifting equipment, including hoists (electric and mechanical), overhead cranes, aerial work platforms, forklifts, offshore transport containers and baskets, as well as winches (electric and mechanical). We ensure that this equipment operates safely and to the highest standards.

Every Detail Counts

Inspection of Lifting Accessories

Our inspection services also cover a variety of essential lifting accessories, such as shackles, slings, handling chains, lifting rings, hooks, cables, conical bushes and snap hooks. We thoroughly inspect every component to ensure reliability and safety. Quality is in the details.

Rigorous testing for total reliability

Load tests

We specialize in carrying out load tests on a wide range of equipment, including free-fall lifeboats and rescue boats, mobile cranes and overhead cranes. Our rigorous testing ensures that your equipment is ready to face the most demanding conditions. Our international certification guarantees compliance and confidence.

Resistance in Hostile Environments

Water Bags for Offshore Conditions

Our water bags are specially designed and tested to withstand the toughest offshore working conditions. They are essential for load testing on offshore platforms. Count on their robustness and reliability in the harshest environments.

International Standards Guarantees

Worldwide Certification

All our load cells are regularly certified to international standards. This means that when you work with us, you can be sure that your safety and that of your operations are our top priority. Trust SODIP SARL for unrivalled safety at height.